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NYG™ - Nordic Style Hammock

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 Hang, Swing, and Relax!


Perfect for lounging while reading a book, magazine, or movie. Listen to the sound of rain, birds chirping, or enjoy a quiet night of stargazing.

✅   Portable & Comfortable - lightweight and easily portable. Light and breathable netting conform to your body position. Can be enjoyed on different occasions and in many different locations.

✅  Easy Installation - easy to hang, it can be resettled almost anywhere. It will be finished in a few minutes. Easy to hang from the ceiling, trees, or any solid projection that can support your weight.

✅  Wide Application: This stylish hammock will fit perfectly into your bedroom, backyard, porch, or garden. And it's perfect for camping as well. Create a stylish outside lounging area or accent indoor décor, a good choice for you.


Package Includes:

1 x NYG™ - Nordic Style Hammock