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NYG™ - Couch Coasters

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 The Ultimate Drink Holder for Your Sofa!

NYG™ - Couch Coaster is the ultimate drink holder for your sofa, is a one-size-fits-all drink coaster to securely hold all your favourite drinks - hot or cold - on your sofa, couch, armchair or recliner (fabric or leather).

✅  Anti-Spill Function - Prevent knocks, spills and stains. Keep your drink within easy reach.

✅  Handy, Versatile & Multi-use - can fit in any size sofa arm with a width of at least 5.49inch (13.94cm). Ideal for small living spaces such as apartments, condos, dorms, offices, and campers.

✅  Premium Design - made of food-grade silicone and ABS resin with tacky base, and provides optimum support and keep integrity for your drink in an adjustable holder.

✅  Easy to Store & Portable - foldable design allows storing with minimum space and also portable to wherever you go in the house or go for a trip.

*Package includes:

1 x NYG™ Couch Coaster